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Iowa's Premier Tactical Laser Tag Facility

AKA Des Moines Now Open

AKA Combat Entertainment is the best destination in Des Moines for tactical laser tag. We don’t use cheap plastic taggers with bulky vests in our armory. We’ve spared no expense to find and create the most top of the line laser tag equipment in the world. All of our equipment is full metal, gamer tested, and mother approved. Our mission-based strategy games such as Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy, Escort, Sniper, Hard Point, Death Match, and Marksman are designed to keep your adrenalin up and leave you hungry for more. In addition, our specialized game props such as domination cubes; time bombs; and more, allow for infinite game variations. Our high-tech taggers have the ability to vary from game to game the amount of ammunition, the number of clips, lives, and re-spawns, the level of damage per hit, and even add regenerating shields.